Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pillow Talk

Joss has made a huge linguistic leap in the last few weeks. His babbling contains more and more words and less nonsense. It has also made a huge difference in his personality -- he wakes up happier and has fewer problems throughout the day (unless he doesn't get what he wants . . . ).
The kids like to count the words in his sentences. Sebi will say "Joss just said 4 words!" or Maddie will let me know she heard a 5 word sentence. Here are somethings he's said lately:
I like Buzz Lightyear!
I like Grandpa a lot!
I like autos.
I like Herbie. (his siblings watched The Love Bug and Joss got so involved that for days afterward he said "Herbie kaput! Bad guys Herbie kaput! Then his grandfather brought a white rental car that flashed its lights and chirped, and Joss thought he was Herbie. Same story with the Isaaks' van -- there is Joss kissing and hugging the headlight and calling it Herbie. There are worse things, I suppose.)
Bless you, Mom! (when I sneezed)
There are also two things that make me cringe. He's started yelling "I see mountains!" whenever we're in the car. And this weekend he picked up "What the HECK?!?!" from two little boys in our motel. I've just never been a fan of the mountains here; they make me feel like Big Brother is watching, or worse, they make me panic about earthquakes, since I am, after all a California girl. And that is what bugs. I can't believe I'm raising such a dyed-in-the-wool Utahn!
[there he is showing his "high fife" and "rock" with Will]
Finally, each night as he goes to bed, he's got a ritual. We had to put a crib tent on his crib so that he wouldn't fall out. After he's been zipped in, he wants to say goodnight through the mesh. He starts with hugs and "moosies" (bussi or kisses) and then moves on to "high fife" and "rock". He keeps switching the order on you as long as he can get you to play with him. When we leave, he still wails, but I guess parting is still sweet sorrow. That would be sweet for me, sorrow for him!
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Sweet little speaking boy!