Friday, July 16, 2010

Maddie's Gone Wireless

I've been hoping to get copies of pictures taken after her cousins gave her a makeover, but they're just not coming. So . . . presenting Maddie! Now with pierced ears and no more braces! Ta daaaaaa! It is a whole new world of orthodonture out there. They've got cooler brackets, faster impression making gel (ugh!) and saweet retainers. She's so happy to have them off that she's always grinning and that smile is nearly blinding.
Our biggest concern now is that she's going to attend high school next year and we wish that she looked about 9 instead of easily clearing the 15-year-old mark. But not to worry -- Rob and I are going to work hard to geekify her until she's 23!
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Audrey said...

She looks like Betsy in this photo.. She also looks so beautiful!