Friday, July 30, 2010

Lightning Strikes Twice

An occupational hazard of teaching at the nation's #1 Stone Cold Sober university:
Another love letter from our Berlin Study Abroad 06' (and film seminar) students. They wanted to make certain that no one else got credit for their work.
They were obviously hoping that the front sprinklers would come on automatically, but they didn't know that the professor is paranoid of his watering system.
One set of neighbors scared them away early on.
A second (our home teacher) got the make, model and license plate of the car (silver Town & Country or Chrysler, #**5 5*U).
A third (Provo's police chief) is checking up on that for us (so nice having neighbors in high places)!
While Rob plans an elaborate and extravagant revenge, I'm looking up the statute of limitations on grade changes. Students and graduates beware!
Oh, silly children! You didn't need to give us a year's supply of TP and plastic cutlery to let us know that you love us!
A Billa bag of Haribo would have sufficed!
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Jessica said...

I still don't get why tp-ing is a sign of affection. I really like you guys, so I'll make you work to clean up someone else's mess all morning? What kind of parenting are people doing out there that a thought like that makes sense?

Julie said...

That has to be the most impressive TP job I have ever seen.

Ann said...

Oh my goodness. PLease tell me they helped you pick it up.

mary ann said...

It took six of us about 45 minutes to clean up. It was me, two neighbors from next door and three from across the street. Mark, is terribly resourceful and brought over the longest length of pvc pipe I've ever seen. He patiently poked it up through the branches and looped it around and around the TP until he got it out. He said "Thank goodness they used 2-ply!"