Thursday, July 08, 2010

Joss in the "Schlammbad"

We have yet another water lover in the family. This one is going to make certain that the little turtle wading pool sees its fair share of use. He's not allowed outside without supervision any more because he turns on hoses -- any hose he can get to before we can. He took out two rows of basil early in June and I don't know how many times I've heard water running and gone out to find the grapes being watered on the side of the house.
Twice now we've taken him to swim in the Veterans pool and he absolutely flips. I feel pity for the other parents whose children are clinging and screaming and refuse to do anything near the water. Joss takes off running and sits down in the deepest part of the wading pool. He loves Ring Around the Rosie and Motorboat, Motorboat even when we dunk him at the end. Pretty soon he remembers where the tube slides are, and from then on I'm on duty to take him from the foot of the slide to the foot of the stairs and back again, navigating the sprays of water from the sadistic children who control them above.
Then I envy those parents with their clinging babies, sitting calmly on their towels in the grass!
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professor rob said...

reretrAn explanation:

He calls all pools "Schlammbad," which is his version of "Schwimmbad" (swimming pool). But "Schlammbad actually means "Mud Bath," which is pretty fitting considering Joss' practice of adding a few buckets of sand from the sandbox every time he gets into his pool.

And, it must be added, he carefully bathes all of his "Cars the Movie" cars every time he is in there, and comments on each of their colors: "WED one. Bah-LOO one. Gween one. etc...