Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Grandpa Camp: Lindsay Wildlife Museum

On Friday of Grandpa Camp, they went with Grandma out to visit the Lindsay Wildlife Museum and animal hospital. This is the place my family brought an abandoned baby squirrel that our neighbor had found.
(I think this may also be the place we brought my guinea pig Petunia when I was about Sebi's age, which for all intents and purposes had been abandoned in its cage on top of the washing machine. I'm paying for it karmically now with the rabbit, which means that Rob must have been pretty horrendous to his pets since he's got the care of our neurotic cat.)
Will pets a domestic rat.
Will and Sebi checking out the snake skeleton during the reptile talk.
A recovering bald eagle who'd electrocuted himself and consequently needed his wing amputated.
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Ann said...

I've been there! So fun.