Friday, July 02, 2010

Grandpa Camp: Gone Fishin'

Day two, grandpa found everyone hats and took the boys fishing at Bodega Bay. Sebi tells me they "didn't have to go catch fresh worms in the dirt (that would not be fun!)" but "they just gave us everything!". Grandpa gave the boys the worms and they had to put them on the hooks themselves.
More from Sebi: "You see that red and white thing in the picture? You waited until that bobbed three times in the water. That meant that the fish were eating the worm. Then you pulled them out. Grandpa helped take them off of the hook."
Triumphant young fishermen with their catch. They intended to eat the trout once they got home, but grandpa says that they look reproachful there in the fridge. They went out to a restaurant nearby and all I heard is that Sebastian belched loudly. "I hope he said 'excuse me!'" I said when I heard. "Well, first he laughed a lot. Then he did," Will told me. It sounds like a classic grandpa camp experience.
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