Sunday, July 04, 2010

Grandpa Camp: Fenton's

In the grandparents' town, Fenton's is an institution. Fenton's is where one goes for ice cream, and because of the many other oral treats that Mormons forego, they are given to excess when it comes to ice cream. Local LDS people go to Fenton's after youth dances, temple trips, baptisms, and any other occasion they can come up with.
When I worked at the LDS Bookstore by the Oakland Temple, I had to have a detailed set of directions for all of the people who asked where Fenton's was. More recently, Fenton's was actually featured at the end of UP when Mr. Fredricksen and Russel (and Dug) are playing the red & blue car game and eating ice cream on the curb.
It's a dream come true!
Ready for the attack! And . . .
sugar shocked.
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Curtis said...

Holy cow. Sebi looks ready to slip into a coma, and Will looks like it all may come right back up again.

Julie said...

Aww, Fenton's. I miss it so! We especially loved the Jersey topping.

Lois said...

Just another thing to add to my list of being a bad Mormon -- I really don't like ice cream all that much. It's OK, but I would NEVER drive somewhere just to eat it.

Brenda said...

I want to go to Grandpa Camp!