Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourth of July: Provo Parade

From the balloon launch, we drove straight over and picked out a place to watch Provo's parade. We had also done this in years past, but we were generally puddled on the sidewalk in 100 degree heat before we could ever see anything. We decided to come out and enjoy the lovely weather in the 80's. So many people have commented on the temperature that someone, somewhere should pay attention and make certain it happens again! It was wonderful!
We set out our blanket and camping chairs and breakfast and had no trouble passing the time until the parade began. We did see someone make off with something from our breakfast repast. We couldn't fault their taste, but please! Just ask! Paradefruhstucksbuffetdiebe!
Um, yes, Joss wore pajamas. It's the sort of fashion statement you can make when you're two.
Our favorite float. I'm still curious about what they made that temple out of!
The kids watched a lot of the parade from prime seats on top of some mailboxes.
We made snide remarks about certain politicians (not this one in particular -- she just jogged my memory).
We saw some friends, clapped for floats, played in the yard, and tried to keep Joss entertained. By the time the last of the parade went by, he was truly at the end of his tether. We traded kids and went home to a day filled with hamburgers and fireworks and a whole lot of laundry to get Maddie off to girls' camp at 6:30 the next morning.

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