Friday, July 09, 2010

Fourth of July: Harris' Pond

Over the weekend of the fourth, our nephew Macklin got baptized in Idaho. Rob's sister told us that before the baptism, we'd go to this place with a pond and boats and we didn't understand. We asked how much it would cost for our family, and she told us 'no, it's our neighbors' backyard' and then we were really confused. When we got there, we understood -- it's unlike anything we'd ever seen before.
Over the course of the last decade, the Harris family has transformed a gravel pit into this paradise. They started with a pond and an island. From there they added swings, a tower with a zipline and a slide, a water feature, and an eating pavilion that will seat several dozen people. In addition, they have boats, play structures, wading pools, a train made of 50 gallon drums, and a cannon that shoots [I kid you not!] candy.
Roger, Ron, Heather and MA hang out on the bank. We got the whole place to ourselves for a couple of hours. By the time we left, there were about two dozen cars there, beginning the Fourth of July potluck dinner.
Joss, Sebi and Hannah on the train, as it passes by the bowery.
Six Mac cousins boating in front of the fountain and the bridge.
Will shoots out of the slide.
Joss, Sebi, Hannah, Will and Macklin ride the train.
Rob blows by on the zipline.
Will flies in on one of the swings.
Maddie on another.
Rob, Joss and Will in a canoe while David O. launches himself into the pond and the cousins look on.
Will's cousins, Zac and Macklin, triple dog dare him to go on the zipline.
Maddie and Meghan try out a paddle boat.
Will, Rob and Joss in the canoe.
MA slides down the zipline.
It's like an easter egg hunt on the fourth of july!
Jeff operates the candy cannon to the great joy of all the kids. Could there be anything more American than sugar and explosives? How about exploding sugar?!
Joss in the bounce house.
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professor rob said...


Heather Armantrout is right. You have hot legs, especially in that zipline shot. Yow!

Ann said...

Wowzers. How ever did you get your kids to leave? And I've just caught up on everything else. Loved your anniversary post especially.

Jessica said...

I thought both of you were looking pretty good in your zipline shots. I guess the jogging is paying off!