Monday, July 19, 2010

Cousin Camp: Visiting the Alma Mater

My brother Mr. Twinkie brought his kids to town last week. After looking at their 529 accounts, he decided that he should get them enthused about church-subsidized higher education. We were happy to oblige.
We started by touring the MOA, searching for animals, making up stories about the pictures, and passing out paper and colored pencils to copy the art. This worked perfectly for Maddie and Hazel; less so for Will, whose sketch was titled "Evilution of Weapons" [sic].
The MOA has had some exhibits that were great for kids (the one with a duck sauce mural and black velvet tree with bluebirds comes to mind), but not much right now. They did have fun dancing around in the multimedia room to an odd movie about a giant face.
We dropped by the courtyard of the professor's building where he ran into a student and the rest of us played in the water. It was steamy hot by that time.
Then we decided it was time to pull out the big guns and take them bowling in the basement of the Wilk. Nothing like bowling to make you want to matriculate at a place!
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Jessica said...

I tried that bowling trick with Cal State Long Beach (which is a half mile from my home). Turns out my kids can't bowl without the gutter bumpers, which for some reason the CSULB lanes lack. Not sure they will ever recover from the disappointment.

mary ann said...

Perhaps they should take a look at G.O.D.U?

Zina said...

I need reminders to take my kids on campus. I forget it's there . . .

(Although we have gotten to see some great kid-friendsly exhibits at the MOA--the I Spy one was fabulous, and also the Rube Goldberg-esque sculptures.)

Zina said...

I meant kid-friendly, although kid-friendsly also seems like a useful term.

I just caught up about 27 posts of yours in my Reader feed. :) (Although I had actually already read several of them, here and there.) I loved Maddie's entry. It sounds like you're having a fun & peaceful summer.