Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cousin Camp: It's a Wrap!

After naps, we drove up to South Fork Park to meet up with a great strange circle of people loosely connected by Boston or Mormonism or both. It's too difficult to explain it all, but I'll just say that everyone knew at least two other families there, and no one knew everyone except Allen & Liesl.
It was a wondrous assortment of kids, too aged 1-12.
Mmmm, lovely candid shot, huh! The adults had some interesting conversations going in between running after kids. The ones I was eavesdropping on were about Mormon foodways, medical missions to the Philippines and environmental determinism in Britain vs. Germany.
We'd changed the location because it was so hot down in the valley. Once we were up in the canyon it began to rain, but we all pretended it wasn't and finally the clouds gave up and moved away.
My children stayed uncharacteristically dry. Perhaps the professor hadn't bribed them to submerse themselves?
We had the cousins for one more day and we spent the morning hanging around the house and cleaning Maddie's room (which took two adults helping! Thanks Saydi!). In the afternoon we went swimming at the Veterans Pool which is a nice way to spend a hot day. It was especially nice because Joss stayed home and slept with Rob so I didn't have to brave the Vile Water Toy of Death.
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