Friday, July 23, 2010

Cousin Camp: Farm Country

On Tuesday we drove up to Thanksgiving Point. We went to Farm Country which was perfect for the littler kids, but still kept the older ones interested for almost an hour.
Grandma Shumway showed up too! We were so glad she was in town, but unfortunately it was for yet another funeral. It's been a big year. But we were glad she could meet us and take a break from weightier matters to have some secret meetings and pony rides.
All the kids got to ride ponies (even Maddie, who squeezed in under the weight and age limits!) and I think this was Joss' first trip. He is a more adventurous soul than the others were at this age. Check out that smile and the wave!
[click to enlarge] No one but Joss was adventurous enough to feed the friendly cow some corn. Jeff and I got slimed and had to use the hand sanitizer. Liberally.
The colt was skittish, but let Rob stroke him; the pigs were lazy and wouldn't get up; the peacock was doing a dance for his hen that I wasn't certain the kids should be seeing!
Emmeline was a doll, and had warmed up to us enough that she would actually smile!
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