Monday, July 26, 2010

Brian Head and Shakespeare

In September of 1980, the professor moved from Glendora, CA to Orem, UT where he met Heather, above, who had also recently moved from Orange, CA. They bonded over the difference in style (boat shoes and Op and Hang Ten) and church culture and on being the odd SoCal kids. They have been friends ever since, singing in choirs, performing in shows, egging houses, cutting classes, bombing their freshman Book of Mormon class at BYU, and going to heaven only knows how many dances together. When Heather married Brok, Rob's sisters were bridesmaids. When Rob and I got married, Heather and Gerilyn flew out to attend. And when Gerilyn died unexpectedly five years ago, Heather, Rob, Brok and I sang at the funeral.
So, it has been nearly 30 years of friendship for these two. Partially to celebrate this, Heather and Brok invited us down to spend the night in Brian Head with their family and with Brother and Sister Pottymouth and their kids: Atticus, Sweet Boy, Mr. Wigglebrows and JBoo. We spent the day introducing the kids to each other, nap time hanging out and talking, and in the evening we left the children in the charge of the oldest four and drove down to Cedar City to see Much Ado About Nothing.
It was a stellar production. We were outside in the replica Globe theater and so close we could see the sweat, tears and spittle from the actors. Two and a half hours flew by and we promised we'd do it again.
Joss and his colleague Jboo appreciate the kid furniture.
Rob led the kids in a rousing game of Apples to Apples which they've been trying to recreate ever since.
Brok grilled amazing chicken and burgers for us in the evening and we celebrated three birthdays and an anniversary.
The pool table was always in use by some combination of boys.
The breakfast crew making crepes and waffles and bacon and sausage . . .
Hanging around outside was fun too, though Joss liked the swing better than the hammock!
Thanks Brok and Heather for a wonderful weekend!
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Sister Pottymouth said...

We had a blast getting to know you and your kids! Thanks so much for making us feel welcome. Your kids are adorable! And I think we need to get Joss & JBoo together again soon. JBoo asked me the other day, "Where Jossy? Where Joss go?"

Heather Arvilla said...

How lovely. We loved having you! It was one of the best weekends of my life. I can't tell you how much you McFarlands mean to me.