Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bowling 101

One of the problems with bowling when you have a gaggle of kids with you, is that it takes FOR-EVER to get through a game. So we made teams: Madhaze, Charwill, and Sebitties. Between the teams, having the guardrails up and using the ramp, it was just about right -- each kid got to roll the ball plenty and we were out before dinner. There were some surprising strikes and spares, but Sebi had to land on the grenade being on a team with the two-and-unders.
On the way back to the car, we let the kids play Jack and Jill in front of the administration building. That's what they built this for, right?
Soon we even got Hazel to try. I hope that there were some bored students down there studying in the library.
Joss loved going down, but I didn't think he'd ever make it back up the hill again.
Finally we took them all to El Azteca for lunch. You've just got to love Emmeline's pre-nap give-me-that-quesadilla look!
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