Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer at the McFarlands'

A guest post by Maddie [One of the kids' chores is to do something 'academic' every weekday. This is pretty loose; Will learned how to load the digital frame, they've learned how to make a playlist, import a CD and burn a CD on iTunes, update their reading on Shelfari and other tenuously academic pursuits. This is one reason that my blogging all but stopped in June -- I haven't been able to come near my computer since the kids got out of school! This post was one of Maddie's entries, and I was tickled by it.]

Things are pretty crazy here now that we are out of school. No, we aren’t schlepping ourselves and a load of luggage over to Europe, but while that means less hassle, it also means more house to clean up (and more swim team for will & I). So, this is a typical (crazy) day at our house:

6:00ish:Mom and dad wake up and take turns jogging/ making sure godzilla doesn't eat us in our sleep or something.

8:00ish: will, seb and I wake up. We then make our beds & get dressed (don’t get too impressed. That's how we earn breakfast) and go eat breakfast.

10:00 : sebi goes to basketball. Will and I babysit Joss.

11:00 : Sebi goes to swimming lessons

Most of the time 'til 3:45 we play, do chores, work in the garden, etc

4:00 : Will and I go to swim team

5:00 will's level ends

5:45: mine ends

6:00 ish we eat dinner.

Until 9:00 we do more crazy stuff like we did previously

9:00: we go to bed and mom& dad start watching west wing.

11:00ish mom& dad go to bed

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Sarah said...

Maddie is a fancy pants humanitarian. I like that girl.