Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sixth Grade Graduation

Maddie's sixth grade graduation was an impressive event. There were lots of awards and musical numbers and talks. Maddie was chosen to welcome friends and family and lead them in the Pledge of Allegiance. She was cool under pressure, and looked, of course, about four years older than most of the other kids there.
Here she is getting her diploma.
And a hug from her marvelous teacher and aunt.
And here she is with Betsy and friends afterward. It has been a great year for her, doing the medieval checklist, the after school Shakespeare, early-morning Kodaly choir, the art expo, science fair, and the class play. She's absolutely loved it and has made some wonderful friends.
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jenlinmin said...

Well, I am just so NOT surprised by Miss Maddie Lou. The apple doesn't fall far, does it? Please tell me she at least rolls her eyes at you every once in a while ;)

Congratulations (and good luck!) on the big transition to middle school.

Emma said...

Oh, I wish my kids would be so lucky as to have thee amazing Betsy as their teacher!

Congrats Maddie!