Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Maypole

Each year Wasatch holds a dance festival. The traditional sixth grade dance is the maypole. Maddie and peers practiced for nearly a month and she really enjoyed learning it.
After the graduation ceremony and again the next day for the whole school dance festival, they got out three maypoles, one for each class and danced until the ribbons were all woven together down the pole.
Then they turned around and worked it back out until it was all undone. It looked like they were old pros at it, but Betsy told me later that the teachers pray mightily to the gods of the maypole each year so that the kids don't make an unholy mess of ribbons in front of everyone.
It was so festive and felt like a real ceremony to end graduation.
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M-L said...

Ah! we missed it all because we left town 2 weeks before the end of school! I love the Wasatch dances and the maypole one is so impressive. Congratulations to Maddie for graduating!

Zina said...

That is so, so cool! I don't think I've ever seen a proper Maypole dance. I would love to see that.