Thursday, July 01, 2010

Grandpa Camp: Film Festival

A few months back the grandparents suggested having grandkids come visit by themselves for a short summer camp. My kids were thrilled. Maddie had flown down two years ago and had the grandparents to herself for a week, so the boys were excited to go. Our boys have always imprinted on Grandpa like newly-hatched ducklings and trail him around the same way. It's not surprising -- as kids he could get us hyperventilating with excitement about a trip to the dump. I think the boys also sense in him the mechanical abilities and interests that they have in common with him and that are so lacking here!
Grandpa camp started off with a trip to see Sam and get haircuts. As Grandpa always says "A haircut is the accessory you wear every day." Amen. Sebi told me that "they had agreed to search for the finest hot dog in the land" and so they visited Kaspers for lunch where he said he had "everything but not onions" on his hot dog and Will had "just a polish dog". They shopped at two "grocerias" as Grandpa calls them, and one drug store. Then they returned with their treasures. They cooked a "hamus Alabamus" in 7-Up. Usually Grandpa cooks the ham in Coke, so I thought this was to decaffinate their diet, but I was mistaken because then they made Jell-O using Coke. While they were there they watched 1.5 episodes of original Star Trek , the latest Star Trek movie, and Princess and the Frog.
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