Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alle Meine Entchen

Last Friday it was such gorgeous weather that we wanted to feed the ducks after dinner. We tried the BYU duck pond, but those poor birds had been inundated by student mothers and kids. So we visited Oma instead. There we found 48 ducks and ducklings who were much hungrier.
Your aim had to be pretty good, or the trout would surface and snatch it away before the ducks could get it. Joss was as delighted with the fish as he was with the ducks. Will and Sebastian tried to spear them with a large stick.
I was partial to the ducklings.
Oma is so pleasant to visit. Rob went in and saw her staring vacantly at the TV with the others in the high security unit. He speaks to her in German because she's sharpest in that language.
Rob: "Come on, Oma! It's time for a walk!"
Johanna: "You're taking me? Just me?"
Rob: "Yes, I'm here for you."
Johanna: "But your German is so good! Who taught you such good German!"
Rob: "You did, Oma!"
Johanna: "Aber naturlich!" ("but of course!")
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Nedra said...

I'll trade you grandmas.