Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vocabulary Building

At family dinner back in March I was trying to keep kids in line and used the word "uncouth" which they all found hilarious. After defining it for them, they tried to use it as much as possible at the table. Maddie and I found it was also apt for many of the drivers on the road the next morning.

Will came home the next day and said "I feel melancholy because Papa is still gone." He says he learned it from Because of Winn-Dixie ("From the book, Mom. I haven't seen the movie yet.").
Last week the kids told me that I never drive anywhere without calling someone "cupcake", "grandpa", "twinkie" or "podunkus" (as in someone from a podunk town). I'm working on my zen-at-the-stoplight breathing from Tal Ben-Shahar and I think it helps. At least it keeps me thinking about something other than the Utah and student drivers. Pbththtbpth!


Brenda said...

Ha ha, the drivers here are a little scary!

jenlinmin said...

The one good thing about having a husband out of town is I get to catch up on blogs!

"Cupcake" and "Twinkie" are SO much nicer than the names I give errant drivers. Andy calls San Francisco a "melting pot of driving styles."

Zina said...

I've keep trying to resign myself to rude drivers in the carpool lane, but I haven't succeeded--I still keep thinking that kids' parents should set a better example than to stop in the middle of the crosswalk, double-parked and blocking me in.