Saturday, May 01, 2010

Spring Break: Golden Gate Park

We drove into San Francisco to visit the new California Academy of Sciences. I'd come here as a child to the Steinhart Aquarium and the Planetarium, but I was excited to see the new building. It was as incredible as anything else there. We got into the planetarium show early in the morning, and all Sebi wanted to do after that was go back again. While walking into the rainforest, we watched as one of the macaws (which fly around free in that huge glass dome) landed on the handrail and took a look at its own information card! We loved the coral reef, the underwater tunnel, and of course Claude the albino alligator (deeply creepy). Grandma and Grandpa helped us navigate the cafeteria and its huge array of choices -- we ate everything from Joss's almond butter and jelly sandwich to Maddie's fish & chips; from Will's tamales to Rob's spring rolls and my key lime and mango mini ice cream sandwich.
After the Academy of Sciences, we stopped by the Conservatory of Flowers which was, by happy circumstance, free to the public that day. Good thing too, because grandparents and kids lasted maybe 30 seconds in the hothouse temperatures inside. Rob and I had never been before, and we explored from one end to the other, looking at the exotic flowers, fruits and carnivorous plants.
[click to enlarge] They had a fun exhibit going with a model of San Francisco and G-gauge train all made out of recycled objects. The Transamerica Pyramid was made out of white keys from keyboards, the Ferry Building was made of wine boxes and corks and silverware and a grater and on and on. There was an entire Barrel of Monkeys hanging off the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we zoomed back across the bay to give Joss a nap!
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Jessica said...

We went with most of my famdamily the week it opened. INSANE. Waaaay too many people. But it is a place I'd like to go back to, some time when the crowds might not be so thick. (I even ran into someone I knew in college.) Is the living roof filling in a bit?