Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday's Recital

On Saturday our three violin players had a recital. I realized with a shock that Maddie and Will have been playing almost three years now. Sebastian started last September, but because he broke his arm, this was his first performance. I wouldn't have stuck with it this long except for our great teacher, Margaret. She keeps all of us going. She's got several students from our neighborhood and it's been fun to watch their progress, too.

Here Sebi plays Indian Drums.

Will playing Long, Long Ago.

Maddie playing the Minuet from Mozart's Don Giovanni.

(Margaret graciously made me a copy of the accompaniment so that I could try it out and help Maddie with practicing. When she asked if I wanted to play at the recital, I decided that it would be good for me because I haven't played in public for years. So I was plenty nervous. When I got up to play with Maddie, I was ok until I looked up and realized that I'd put the last page of music in upside down! I panicked. The good news is that Maddie kept right on going while I had my crisis. The other good news is that our videographer stopped the tape just at the point where I didn't have it memorized any more. Thanks, Schatz!)

The kids were happy with their performances and even happier after Margaret gave each one a huge personalized candy bar!


Tueller 3 said...

Thanks. You guys did great! I had no idea you were reading upside down!

Frau Magister said...

Wow! They did a great job! Maddie has a nice tone, I was impressed with Will's control of the bow and Sebi has great rhythm! But doesn't his selection fill you some sort of post-colonial guilt?