Thursday, May 06, 2010

MA's Birthday: World Premiere

Saturday night Rob and I attended another film: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, the World Premiere. It stars Alyssa Milano, Michael Landes, Christopher Gorham and was produced by our own Rick McFarland!
It played to a sold out crowd on Saturday night and they were into it. It's a romantic comedy about 'what a girl does when she meets "Mr. Right" . . . after already meeting the right guy.'
Here is Rick, getting interviewed by folks. In the background there is Beau Bridges, who was one of the co-stars along with Carol Kane and Tom Lenk.
I had seen a version back in September, but this was the first time either Rob or I had seen the finished film. It was great! It is well-cast, well-acted and very entertaining. We're thrilled for Rick (and all of the family and friends who worked on it as extras and accountant and wardrobing assistant and editor . . .).
Afterward there was a very enthusiastic Q & A with these guys. It looks right now like there will be a limited release in theaters mostly in Utah and then you'll be able to find it on airlines, on DVD and in foreign markets like France, Germany and Kyrgyzstan, who are snapping it up. I'll try and post here when they'll have their local premiere.
We finished the night by going to the afterparty, held at a sports club. It was packed with the dolled-up and worked-over from the OC and was an interesting lesson in how the other half lives. The music was loud and I wanted to keep my hearing at least until forty, so I put in earplugs. That is how I know I'm middle-aged; I was glad I had earplugs in! We talked to some of the film crew, but since we weren't drinking or wanting to paint anything on the chicks in the thong bikinis, we left at 1:00am.
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Curtis said...

Sign us up for the German premiere.

Julie said...

Wow. You do some fun adventuring! Jealous.