Friday, May 07, 2010

MA's Birthday: Tidepooling at Dana Point

On my birthday, we got up and used the hot tub (not the pool, because I'm old and I can't be shocking my system early in the day, dontcha know?) and then had a supreme breakfast at the hotel. Supreme means there was lots of fruit, lox and capers involved.
We skyped the kids who were all happy and well with BetsyBoo and Uncle Bulk, and then we drove down to Dana Point.
This is where Rob came to look at the tidepools over three decades ago. Our nephews Tyler and David, and our niece Hannah clambered over the rocks with us out to the point and examined the pools with us. We saw three huge starfish (the one above is eating a mussel), hundreds of hermit crabs and anemones and barnacles and mussels, a blue heron and that lovely sea slug.
We ran back to the hotel to retrieve Rob's jacket, which has been lost and found more than any other thing we own, and then we flew back home which was a crowded flight but quick. It was a wonderful trip!
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