Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MA's Birthday: Newport Beach

For my 40th birthday, things fell into place so that Rob and I could get away for the weekend without kids. Two nights ago, as I was bedding down on the floor of Joss's room at 1:25am to the strains of his maniacal screaming, I had time to contemplate this.
It was a good decision.
We flew out on a very early flight, so when we got our car, we drove out to the beach and had a marvelous breakfast at Charlie's Chili. Then we spent nearly four hours walking it off.
We saw some dolphins, a few sea lions, and dozens of fishermen at the end of the pier, catching mackerel. They would haul in a line with ten flipping silver fish at a time and remove them to buckets with a pair of salad tongs. We watched the surfers catching waves on the north side and the fishing and sailing boats on the south side. We meandered up and down the boardwalk, critiquing the houses and choosing which ones we would rent.
And Rob got out on a jetty and did a little tidepooling. We checked into our hotel in the afternoon and took a nap to make up for our 4:00am wakeup. In the evening we ventured forth in search of fish tacos. We went to the Bear Flag Fish Co. and were not disappointed. Not only were their tacos sublime, but we asked for a recommendation for a side, and they offered us an ahi tuna salad with chips. It was a plate of chips and salsa, only the salsa was big chunks of tuna marinating in a sesame sauce with a little seaweed. It was amazing!
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