Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MA's birthday: the Getty

Saturday morning we ate a quick breakfast with Rick & Kathy & family, then jumped into our car and schlepped across two counties to go to the Getty. Since 1997, every time we have traveled to Southern California Rob has wanted to visit the Getty, and every time his mean wife makes him go to Disneyland instead. So I was making it up to him.
First off, it was a revelation to travel and go to a museum without kids. No car seats, high chairs, sippy cups, diapers, naps, wipes, travel bibs, snacks, strollers or whining!
We loved the architecture
We loved the art
and we loved the gardens.

As much as we loved seeing it unencumbered by the unappreciative, we went straight into the gift shop to buy the kids presents. We bought the Close Up art cards for the museum so that they kids could get to know some of the pieces when we bring them back some day. My sister bought Maddie a set of these from the MoMa in New York and we have used them so much they are sticky and dog-eared.
It's a deck of 24 paintings and 24 details from the paintings that you can use to play Memory or Go Fish or Old Maid. Our favorite is Go Fish, and I've been tickled that the kids are gradually learning the names and even artists as we play. I also love to see them choose their favorites: a Warhol, a Hopper, a VanGogh, and so on. The link above shows that they currently have five sets.
After a chicken and fig sandwich on the patio just because we could, we sped back to Newport Beach and attended two films in the art and architecture series: Hella Jongerius, a designer of furniture and housewares, and Liquid Stone, all about Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia. They were both fascinating. It made me want to go back to Barcelona in 2026 when the Sagrada Familia is supposed to be finished.

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Brenda said...

I'm so glad that you managed to stop whining for the day.