Friday, May 14, 2010

Joss is Two!

Incredible, but true. Joss is TWO.
I love this picture because it captures the whirlwind that is Joss right now.
He celebrated his birthday by:
* drawing all over the wood floor with a green felt marker
* dealing out the contents of my wallet across the kitchen
* drawing on a white door with green felt marker [I really wasn't ignoring him -- I was trying to bake the cake, but he gets a lot done in a few minutes]
* chasing two bewildered mallards around the front yard yelling "CACK, CACK!"
* going to In-N-Out Burger with his papa where he had "chuice" and "prensh pries" and a "hambuhgur"
* spontaneously shouted "I LIKE CAKE!!!" and jumped around
* had a bath, had a nap, had a few good flopdown tantrums
* got visits from Opa, Betsy Boo, Uncle Bulk, Kiecoo, and Lolly & family -- he's a pretty popular guy!
* opened presents, ate cake, snuggled his new Elmo, pulled his new wagon and pushed his new lawn mower around
* talked to the CA grandparents on Skype
Poor later kids never get to actually open a present. I don't know how they make it in life with so much help! But he is certainly a competent candle blower.
Here are two things I adore about Joss:
1. his talking. It's fantastic right now. He picks up new words every day and you never know what he'll parrot next. My two current favorites are "aprikose" in German and "Luvoo, Mama".
2. his intensity. Whatever is happening, he gives it his full-throated, full-bodied, full throttle self. When it is birthday cake, he's just gotta jump. If it's bedtime, he needs a few minutes to wail about it. If there is injustice in his world, you'll find him on the floor, beating it to a pulp.
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