Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Weigh 20 Pounds For a Day

I had a great mothers day. Rob and the kids showered me with cards and gifts and yummies. The primary kids sang songs. Rob cleaned and cooked, took Joss entirely during church, and let me have an afternoon nap.
This was one of Sebi's contributions. I particularly like the part where he says that my favorite thing to do is my taxes. That's going to be as hard to live down as his telling the preschool teacher my favorite restaurant was the gas station mexican place. The soup that Rob and Will and I love to eat but Maddie and Sebi object to is gazpacho (a chilled Spanish tomato soup).

And here is Maddie's poem. I love it! And I love them. They're great kids. I also love the phase we're in where Mothers Day is played sans irony. I can see in the not-so-distant future a day when I'll be serenaded with Mother by Sting or Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or Weird Al.
Last of all, I got to spend the evening with two of my favorite people from my mission, Sonia and Nuria. It was so much fun to see them.

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Jessica said...

20 pounds, 60 feet tall. Apparently you've become a character from a superhero graphic novel. I'm impressed.