Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Easy Come, Easy Go

As soon as I blogged about having I rabbit, I promptly lost him.

It was beautiful weather, so I took him outside and put him in his corral in the long grass.
Then I got distracted and went inside for a minute where my dad called and we skyped for a long while. When I looked outside, there was no rabbit in the corral.
Not a trace.
I walked all over the backyard and I searched the dark crevasses and window wells but when I examined the fence I realized that the rabbit had plenty of options for escape. I let the neighbors know and walked over to the neighbors' wood and checked the front yard and back all day long, but I didn't see anything all day. I was mostly worried because he is still small and we have a ferocious dog next door and our own cat would have been happy to find the rabbit before we did. But I was devastated because he's a good rabbit and he's cute and I like him.

(Sebastian's sign)
Telling the kids was not fun -- first there was sobbing (loud, LOUD sobbing). Then they moved quickly through the stages of grief and stopped at anger.
I was the fall guy.
There were rumblings of impeachment from the far right.
In spite of Rob's optimism, dinner was a subdued affair. After dinner they put up "lost rabbit" signs around the neighborhood. Maddie decided to console herself with a shower (Maddie reacts to most things in life right now by wanting a shower). While she was gone, I told Rob that it was Betsy and Kelly's 3 month anniversary, because they were married the day the rabbit was born, and the rabbit was three months old that very day. So he called her to wish them a happy anniversary.
After he hung up the phone, he looked out the window and saw the rabbit hopping in the neighbors' yard. He tore down the back steps, ran up to the treehouse, jumped over the fence and started chasing the rabbit. I called the neighbors to warn them that Rob was prowling around their yard. He caught it in a matter of minutes.
Which is why I am still in office.


Emma said...

Yay Rob!
I love the missing rabbit sign & the thought of Rob running around trying to catch it made me smile.

And 3 months already since we've seen your cute faces? Happy 3 months to the Betsy & Kelly!

Jessica said...

I think I would have liked to see a video of that last part of the story ;-)

Nedra said...

Great writup. I remember chasing one of our rabbits under the Coughlin's summer house. Remember that?

Julie said...

So glad it was a happy ending!

Zina said...

By easy come, easy go I assume you are describing the kids' attitude about having you for their mother? I was so glad for the happy ending of this story.

Mabel's been saving her money for a hedgehog for at least a year, but we've only been seriously looking to buy for about the last 4 months, and it turns out we can't find a hedgehog to buy. We're frustrated but sometimes I'm also grateful.

Curtis said...

Glad to hear it was "easy come again" for the rabbit. The couple of times our rabbit got loose, he just hung around the yard. However, our rabbit and cat were good friends, unless the rabbit was feeling a little frisky.

Brenda said...

Hahahaha - great rabbit story! Ah, pets - enjoy! Glad your mother's day was happy and you got to nap at church - hehehe.

Karen said...

Regarding Zina's Hedgehog comment: A friend of mine bought a one, but didn't find out until after that they are nocturnal. Busy all night long. Not so much during normal human hours.