Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cosmic Forces

[Sebi and Tomas demonstrate a plane shape, their monkey ways, and a best friend ending shape] Sebi just performed in his dance program's end-of-year performance. As you can see, we signed him up with his friend Tomas so that they could see each other this year since they're on different kindergarten schedules. They made good use of the time running (jumping, leaping, galloping) around, and Miss Laurie worked her magic with them too. They emphasize choreography, so this piece was crafted in part by the ideas the boys came up with about space: rockets, robots, orbits, a mushroom cloud, and a black hole among other things.
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Here is a snippet for the grandparents.


Pmom said...

This looks like a neat program. Where was it?

mary ann said...

This was the BYU Children's Creative Dance program. You can find it under Conferences and Workshops on their website. We can heartily recommend Miss Laurie as the little boys' teacher!

Zina said...

How fun!

I really wanted to put Rose in Creative Dance this last year but the only time for her age range was at 5 PM on Fridays and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I hope it's not too late to start her in as a tall 6-year-old. (She did take some gymastics the year before and loved it.)

I found out Sebi was in Laurie's group when I saw some of these pics on Facebook. :) (I think you might already know about these connections, but Laurie and her sister Janae are friends of mine from high school, my mom and I have both worked with their dad at OPL, and their younger sister Tia is married to my brother Alex.)