Monday, April 05, 2010

Sebastian is SIX!

I really cannot believe it, but Sebastian had his birthday last week. It seemed to me and Rob that he had always been five and that he was the perfect five-year-old. I don't know what to do with a six-year-old Sebi! He took treats to his kindergarten class and his dance class and had dinner and cake and ice cream with his friend Tomas and family. There were presents of the Star Wars and Lego variety and a bug circus and a folder for his collection of state quarters. He spent the evening running around and was happy.
Here are six things I love about Sebi:
1. his coloring: I love the dark hair, the long lashes, and the blue eyes. He's unique in our family for that particular combination
2. his sense of humor: when his uncle said that his hair looked like a living thing with a pelt up there on his head, he went right along with it. When we can't find something, Sebi says "maybe it's lost in the pelt!" He sometimes calls himself the Kingdom of Pelt.
3. his willingness to help: Sebastian has always been my little helper. He helps with the laundry; he helps me at the store; he helps with his brother; when I am sick he goes and brings me a glass of water.
4. he is reasonable: Sebastian is exceptional at taking things in stride. When plans change or something gets struck from the schedule that he was looking forward to, Sebi is the most understanding and willing to compromise, exchange or postpone.
5. he's got his own style: despite wearing hand-me-downs almost exclusively, Sebastian manages to look different from his brothers. Most recently he's asked to grow out his hair like his cousin and another friend. It suits him well!
6. he's a love. This one still likes to snuggle. Even at six!
We hope six is as good a year for you as five was!
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