Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010: Pool

After you are frozen solid from the Pacific, you mince your way across the sand, boardwalk and pavement to the pool by the clubhouse. The pool is heated, but it is so windy and exposed there by the shore that it is still pretty cold. Once you have taken all you can at the pool, you make your way across the splintery walkway to the hot tub. You submerse yourself there until your skin has stopped stinging and then you realize that it is actually only about as hot as a bathtub. The kids then turn on jets and slide down the rail and splash each other until everyone is pink-cheeked and dehydrated, or until Joyce the Sea Hag shows up in her jewel-encrusted visor to hassle people about infractions of the rules. Then you walk back to the house in your frozen wet towel and raid the larder.
By the time the towels and bathing suits are dry, you're ready to start the whole cycle over again!
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