Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flying Solo: Week One

We've survived week one of Rob's trip. Everybody is getting where they need to be, they're eating and sleeping and have even been bathed. But 'round about Sunday, the kids all racheted down a notch -- they're tired of Papa being gone and they've all let me know.
This one here has been acting like he's strung out on antibiotics: he's squirting water out of the fridge dispenser onto the floor, he's bitten me, hit me, thrown things at my head and generally had about twice as many smackdown tantrums as usual. The other day as I was trying to dress him and he was wriggling away, I said "Now are you going to be nice to me today?" He put his head on my shoulder and said "luvoo Mama" (which doesn't preclude any of the hitting, biting or water damage, but still felt nice).
Then Monday after a particularly trying round of violin practice, I was serenading Will and Joss by belting out "Love at Home" in my mock-opera voice. I was at "there is joy in every sound/when there's love at home . . ." when we heard Joss yell "Stop. STOP!!!"
Everyone's a critic.

[and Curtis guessed right: this picture comes from our SIL Saydi. You can see more of her stuff here. Rob and I don't have this kind of lenswork down.]


Curtis said...

That is a very cute picture. Saydi is one talented photographer. After reading your post, the look in Fluff's eyes and the smile on his face take on a whole new meaning.

If you need a break, let us know. We'll gladly take one or all.

Jessica said...

They're spoiled! Mine have spent about a third of their lives with Daddy out of town. (I'm not complaining- I'm more glad than ever that I didn't marry into the military.) Yours will get used to it.

Karen said...

And then when you finally get to go out with your friend she is an utter cranky-pants all night. You didn't really get away from the children at all. What's that thing about forgiving 7 times 70? :)

Lois said...

I know that my kids would love some of yours to come over and visit! Sounds like you're doing a good job holding down the fort. Fun to see you the other night. I'll make sure that you get some photos/videos of the choir concert.

Zina said...

You are brave. Dean was gone for 2 days and one night last week and I thought *I* was being very brave and/or I would die.

I don't believe you about Joss throwing temper tantrums; I can see by looking at him that he's a perfect angel all the time. Okay, not really, but I can certainly agree that snuggles and hugs between temper tantrums help a lot with children surviving their childhoods.