Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Resolutions, Yea or Nay?

I realize that it's mid-January, but I'm still trying to figure out if I should make some New Year's Resolutions.
Last year I had four:
1. attend the [LDS] temple once a month
2. exercise daily
3. personal scripture study daily
4. moisturize
Of those, I bombed three completely, but I did begin to moisturize consistently. In fact, I've used up quite a few tubes, pots and even pumps of lotion, cream, creme, body butter, salve and other goos. So while I am the quintessential New Year's Loser, I am at least much softer than I would have been otherwise. Was it a complete bust? Is it worth doing again?
I've read resolutions posted by my niece and some friends, and they range from affirming priorities to a complete change of lifestyle. I have friends who just choose one word for each year, and I like that it is concise and easy to remember, but I don't know if it has the concrete measurability I need to make them happen. I am leaning toward lowering the bar this year, in both number and quality, bu if I don't put in something as simple as moisturizing, I may not even have 25% success!


Brenda said...

Never set resolutions! I have quit, since it made me feel like a failure by mid-January every year! I am impressed that you accomplished 25% of yours though. Holli Gardner made a resolution last year to eat more candy, I think she may have accomplished that too.

jenlinmin said...

I think I treat January 1 the same as any other month of the year: just flip the calendar page and keep on truckin'. Goals are over-rated! If my husband and children don't hate me at the end of the day, I've accomplished all I need to in life!

ashley said...

I like January resolutions but I agree that keeping them simple is very important. I think I need the goal of moisturize...my heels are a calloused nightmare.

Lois said...

Forget about lowering the bar, I'm thinking of just hitting a few bars this year.

Yes, I resolve to drink a lot more this year. Then I'll forget about the resolutions I've made and ALREADY not kept so far in 2010.

Exercise (I think I did for one day)
Eat better (that lasted until I finished that bag of chopped cabbage)
Read scriptures (I can't even FIND my scriptures)
Clean my house (I think I'd rather burn down my house)

ohiolanges said...

Soft is good. My lotion - promoting- husband would say, "Thank you!"

Zina said...

I just answered your question about my dentist over at my blog--here's a repeat so you don't have to go find it:

We like him. He doesn’t specialize in pediatric dentistry but he and his staff are good with kids. My kids don’t love getting their teeth worked on but they tolerate it. We’ve never had a problem with them billing through DMBA.


When we lived in Berkeley we used to get our teeth checked when we were in Utah and we found this guy when he was fresh out of dental school and had a tiny office in West Orem. Now his office is a remodeled house across from Costco.

I think 1 of 4 goals is pretty good. I have to say that the moisturizing one comes pretty naturally to me, though, because I hate the feeling of dry skin but my messed up thyroid causes dry skin AND I live in Utah.

We set three very low-key, attainable family goals and are making decent progress on them. (They are: each read 1 page or 10 minutes of scriptures each morning, Ike and Mabel invite a couple of friends to church who don't normally attend, and hold a brief family council every Sunday morning.) I have a bunch of ongoing personal goals and am making a tiny tiny tiny bit of progress. I'm still not doing so well the one to not snap at my kids--I found out just how much I need to work on that when I was trying to watch the new "Emma" on PBS and the kids kept talking to me during it.