Sunday, December 13, 2009

Same Time, Next Year

Sebi had first class treatment at the hospital. Dr. Macarthur put a note on his chart to make certain he got to go home. Then he put a pin in his elbow. Rob said that coming out of anesthesia wasn't pretty (Rob has some pretty strange reactions to anesthesia, and I think that our kids may have them too -- I remember delirious boys smacking me after getting tubes in their ears).
Sebi's nurse was from Rob's ward in Orem. She was marvelous too. She told Rob that she would have given them good care anyway, but they got excellent service because once upon a time she'd had a six week old baby with pneumonia and then her washer broke. Her visiting teacher, one Sandy McFarland, had come over and taken her laundry, washed it all, and brought it back. For weeks.

Sebastian got discharged in the early afternoon and came home to take a nap. He woke up and watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" which he'd remembered borrowing from Tomas last year with his broken arm. It was his only request this time around, and I think he's seen it at least 8 times in the last three days?

He started to whimper like clockwork as the pain medication wore off. He told me "It hurts inside this time!" I'll bet it does. He's got a pin this time around.

Then he bravely put on a coat and went out to buy a Christmas tree. His brother and sister rolled him around on a dolly at Lowe's and they found a nice big fat tree and celebrated at Krispy Kreme.

Our friends Curtis and Chloe made us the most fabulous dinner of salsa verde chicken enchiladas, apples and caramel, rice and beans, chips, salsa and cookies. To the head meal planner and cook of the house, it felt like Christmas had come early! Thanks, people, it was scrumptious, and we've eaten it every day since!

Sebastian didn't go to church the next day. But his brother had been assigned a talk in Primary. Here is what we came up with:

“I think of Jesus Christ while I partake of the sacrament.” This is a hard topic. I think somebody was spying on me during the sacrament when they assigned this talk. I don’t think about Jesus Christ while the sacrament is being passed.

"Mostly I poke my brother and sister. I try to get out the paper and pens even though it’s a rule in our family that we don’t bring those out until after the sacrament is over. I whine and I flop over on the pew, pretending that I’m tired and need a nap. I think about what’s for dinner when we get home. I think about how long it’s going to be until we say the closing prayer. I wonder why they don’t ever have kids give talks in sacrament meeting; why we never sing Primary songs. I don’t think much about Jesus Christ during the sacrament.

"But I should.

"Here is why: the sacrament is an ordinance all about Jesus. He started it when he fed his disciples at the last supper. He gave them bread and told them “this is my body” and then he fed them wine and told them “this is my blood”. The disciples didn’t understand it then, because he hadn’t died yet, but we understand now. The bread and water are his flesh and blood that he gave up for us. Eating those reminds us that Christ takes away our sins and that he can clean us. The sacrament is a present that Jesus Christ gave us because it can be like getting baptized over again every week that we take it. We eat the bread and water and Christ forgives us of whatever sins we have that week. Like pushing our little brother off the Love Sac and breaking his arm. I can have that forgiven today if I just sit there and think about Jesus Christ!

"I think it’s a pretty good deal. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

So people here are on the mend now. We thank you for your prayers, your comments, your phone calls, and your help. We've appreciated it all!Posted by Picasa


Curtis said...

What a fantastic talk, Will! I think they should have you give it in Sacrament Meeting.

We are also very glad Sebi is on the mend. We also can't wait to hang out during the holidays!

Note from Tomas to Sebi:
"I hope your arm is feeling better. Can you feel the metal thing inside you? Can we play together? But not on the beanbag. I don't think our moms would like it if we broke another bone. See you later when we play."

ohiolanges said...

That talk sounds like a great children's book to me! I know your primary learned a lot from it!

I hope your life starts to feel more "promised landish" soon.

Emma said...

Good job to Will & Sebi!

I too broke my elbow and had two pins put in when I was his age, I feel for him! I hope he recovers quickly!!

And how great was Sandy? Oh how we miss her! My Mom has done the same thing numerous times & I always thought she was crazy for it, now I know she where she got it!

ps- Can't wait to see you guys in February!

MOM said...

Great talk, Will. I think it's good to think about the things you want to be forgiven of during the Sacrament. I've got lots every Sunday.
Sebi, you looked better on Sunday when we Skyped than you did in the hospital bed. I can tell you're feeling better.
Love, Grandma

J said...

Will- you are one of the smartest funniest people I know (and I know a lot). That talk was awesome.

Sebi- I've been explaining to Hazel how lucky you are that you get a robot arm that can crush metal and shoot lasers and death rays. She is both suspicious and very jealous.

Much love to the McFs,

Uncle Jeff