Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making Gingerbread Houses

In a fit of ambition, I decided to break away from the one true gingerbread pattern. For future reference in all areas of my life, I need to lie down until the fits of ambition pass. In specific, the one true gingerbread pattern (the one we used every year at my house growing up) is true because it all fits in one pan! I realized this four pans later, and that was in spite of cutting down these row houses to 2/3 size.
Rob wants to try Casa Batllo next year. I may have lost the one true gingerbread house pattern forever.

Nevertheless, they were a big party to decorate, and with so much surface area, we all got to try something. Maddie and Chloe each had a different take on Hunderwasser, Rob did a roof like the jagdhutte, I got a Casa Batllo facade, and Katie made an entire mural out of Nerds (reminded me of Felix the wall artist). We enjoyed it so much that we even decorated the backside, and who sees that but the garbage and recycling guys?

Ah, dinner!

A pretty sweet neighborhood.

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MOM said...

You have outdone yourselves!! Real architecture, now. Can't wait for Casa Battlo with the dragon scales.