Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Littlest Treehugger

Rob and I were very happy to forgo a tree this year (I mean a big tree in the bay window -- we have a small artificial tree in the basement and that was just about our speed). But we knew that no gift can compensate for the failure to have a Christmas tree; that if we skipped it, this would be remembered in perpetuity as The Year With No Tree.

This little guy is a big part of the reason to have no tree. He rips down the ornaments and no matter what sort of time out he has, he just says "ball? ball?"
We brought in the tree and he hugged it and sat on it and loves it. Now there are no decorations below 36". Oh, well.
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Johanna said...

hej ,professor !
we would like to have your address to send you a "real" christmas card .

best greetings from vienna

jenlinmin said...

How lovely to have a Sunday afternoon to catch up on the blogs of all my favorite people. Condolences and Congratulations and everything in between for your very eventful November and December. Wow! I bought "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" recently, I think mostly for its catchy title and cute cover, but haven't read it yet. I appreciate your review!
Merry Christmas!