Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

First we carved pumpkins. We got pumpkin carving kits this year at Maddie's behest. Her friend, whose father is an ER doctor, uses these and they say they're safer than kitchen knives. We found they worked really well. Maddie carved that spider all by herself, and even Sebi was able to manage some carving on his own. Will's was the Plunger Boy pumpkin -- Plunger Boy is the protagonist in the cartoons that Will draws. His are heavily inspired by, or as scatalogically minded as Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey (whom I have a grudging respect for now that I've read the entire series out loud to Sebi; the teachers are named Ms. Ribble, Mister Fied, and Misses Dapoint, among others). Betsy came over and carved her mummy with a butter knife, so I guess you never know what is going to work.
Joss was Elvis and he loved it. As much as I enjoyed watching the ladies coo over him, my favorite was watching him smile at his own rhinestones as they sparkled. Thanks go to Saydi (and Aja) for the white jumpsuit. He was a hit. He wore his light up Elmo and Cookie Monster shoes, because I figured that if they had had light up shoes in Elvis' day, he would have worn them. And he is completely crazy about the candy.
A week before Halloween, Sebi didn't know what he was going to be and told me he'd just rather stay home. I took it as a huge parenting failure on our part. Rob and I got his ok on Indiana Jones and when the pieces came together, he wore it nonstop for a week. I think he's happy that he didn't opt out now.
Kiecoo invited us to trick or treat at her work on Friday, which was a good warm up. There were flurries outside and we were happy to be in the nice warm office with decorations and costumed workers and lots of people handing out candy. They even had a room done up like the Nightmare before Christmas.
Maddie actually came up with Will's costume. He is the Dim Reaper, with his dunce cap and his toucan/scythe. He said the teachers thought it was funny, but most of the kids didn't get it. Could be our bumper sticker, no?
And Maddie went with friends Fabigail and Frances as three Greek goddesses (L-R): Artemis, Aphrodite and Athena. They had a great time together, and we parents couldn't help but holler "One Grecian Urrrrrrrrn!"
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MOM said...

Fabulous jack o' lanterns and costumes, as usual. The spider and mummy are masterpieces.

Brenda said...

Joss looks like a miniature Rob and the "dim reaper" is hilarious!

Zina said...

I'm a little stumped by the toucan scythe, truth to tell. I think I get it other than that, (but maybe not.)

Jennette said...

yes, fantastic! The Elvis suit is a smash. Adam this year was really wishing for a pumpkin carving kit...he is ever the guy to insist on the proper tools for something. Your post will only confirm it for him!