Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Our Toes!

During family prayer the other night, we heard Joss saying "Amen! Amen!" and when we finished and ran into the kitchen, here's what we saw.

He bites off the apple peel and spits it out. All over.

The next morning, I said something to Rob, he said something to me, and we turned around to see this:


He also loves to open my purse and pull out my wallet, dealing all of my cards out to the four winds a few times a day. He picks up any phone and starts dialing numbers (only a matter of time before he finds 911 and cops begin showing up). He climbs on the counter, goes to the cupboard and takes out glasses and bowls to throw on the floor (casualties: two). He pulls toilet paper off the roll and all over the bathroom (I had to tell Rob that we are only doing 1-ply and wimpy-sized rolls right now).

Making dinner has been a complete nightmare recently until my sister showed up with some super strong magnets that one of her co-workers is marketing as childproofing. They are great! Easy to install with just stickers and everybody else is strong enough to open the cupboards/drawers. I liked them so well I had to order more. Now he still hangs around during dinner prep, but I know he can't get to the cereal, the knives or the noxious chemicals while my back is turned.

I know it's a phase, but I'm praying that it ends soon. Preferably before my sanity.

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Curtis said...

What a cutie-patootie. Yes, Fluffy will outgrow it. Unfortunately, our dog, who seems to do the same sorts of things, probably will not. However, I think I'm going have to invest in some of those magnets.

MOM said...

You've got a live one there. I love his guilty grin as he walks by the cereal. And did he climb up on the counter by himself? I think you've got a 2 year old, no matter what the numbers say.

Lois said...

Oh my goodness. Can't you use the magnets to stick him to the wall? That way he won't get into anything.

Zina said...

He sounds a little like my sister Suzy's youngest. (I hope that doesn't mean your future includes giant drawings of dinosaurs in permanent marker on your hardwood floor.)

I'd like some of those magnets. Except I would want to know which develops first, the strength to overcome them or the brain capacity to know not to drink bathroom cleaner. (My niece drank bathroom cleaner at my mom's house once--sprayed it right into her mouth. Fortunately it turned out to be a not-too-dangerous type.)

I think Lois and I are in the same childproofing school of thought. But Hazel's starting to resent being kept in a cage.

mary ann said...

Lois and Zina's comments remind me that before he had children, my brother wanted to invent suits for kids made out of the soft velcro side. They would be hooded, like snow suits, with handles for ease of catching escaping kidlets. And then he wanted to wallpaper a velcro wall.

ashley said...

Just last week I went to make a purchase (apple cider donuts to be honest) and I opened my purse to find that my credit, atm, library cards and driver's license...everything was gone. I didn't get my donuts (whaa!) and when I got home I searched the entire house looking for my cards. Ethan finally found them in an old day planner that Mia had been playing with. Between tearing apart my purse and potty training accidents I think velcro to the the potty may be something to consider.

Claire , Matt and the boys said...

Matt and His twin brother were awful. Their mom would be cooking, set the table go to stir something and turn around to find the table unset and the dishes missing along with the twins!
Jordan, a the age of 3, in the middle of the night decide to "get the birds out of the eggs". I woke up to a dozen eggs cracked all over the kitchen and Jordan sobbing because he couldn't find any birds.