Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yay! Friends!

At the beginning of October we got to see our dear friends Mike and Ashley. We knew them in the University Ward while we were all dating. We attended their wedding in LA, two months after ours. We talked them into living in the apartment below ours on MLK. Then when we moved up to Smyth-Fernwald, we talked them into moving there, too. They were breezing through town and once again we talked them into sleeping underneath us, this time in the basement.
It was great to see them and catch up. And fantastic for the kids, who, you can see, didn't lose any time with reminiscing and just cut straight to playing. Marah and Maddie were finger knitting, crocheting, making calligraphy place cards and comparing book reviews. Ethan, Will and Sebi jumped around and made loud noises, either on the trampoline or in front of the Wii.
I had a wonderful time sharing counter duty with Ashley and finding out about life in Oregon.
And Rob and Mike seemed to be perpetually on PizzaQuest. They brought home three phenomenal pies from Pizzeria 712 (and crap pizza for the kids).
We can't wait until they come through town again. Maybe we'll have to pack up and go there next time!
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Brenda said...

Ha Ha - love the "crap pizza for the kids"!

jenlinmin said...

Oh my goodness, look how those kids have grown!!! And while hoping to not jump too hastily to any conclusions, it looks like they will have another baby joining them soon. Well, when you are the amazing kind of mother Ashley is, why not??? How wonderful to get to hang out for a weekend.

ashley said...

We had such a good time visiting with you. Thanks for letting us crash at your place- please let us return the favor some time!

And yes,we'll be posting photos in December of Baby Boy Christenson so stay tuned. But I make no claims to being an amazing mother...busy, messy, tired, with a tendency to bite off more than I can chew...ok, yes, I confess to that. :)