Saturday, October 24, 2009

Washington DC Day Two

The next morning we started by going by the White House. This is as close as we got. There was a bomb threat just as we were walking up, and President Obama was busy finding out he'd just received the Nobel Peace Prize.
Last time I was here was fourteen years ago and this trip made me grateful for my friend Kathryn, who organized my whole tour. She showed me around the capitol building herself and got me into the White House when the Christmas decorations were up and took me to Georgetown, the Jefferson Memorial and Mount Vernon. She was a great guide. Thanks, Kath!
I decided while we were here that we really need to bring our family out here sometime, but I realized this time that it will take a lot more planning and work than I'm used to.

Joss and I sat here and watched the ducks.

And we visited the Vietnam Memorial.

[click to enlarge] We finished the day at the Lincoln Monument where Joss ran around the pillars and practiced on the stairs.
We ate very well, following Jeff's recommendation and going to the Kabob Palace for lunch. Sushi for dinner. Indian. More Thai. More Kabob Palace. Met up with our friend John for a power breakfast at the hotel.

And Rob did actually attend the conference and gave his paper, but he was in the very last session, so Joss and I went home early and he stayed on, networking and listening to the black turtleneck crowd and walking even more of the DC area.

Back at home, all was not well. As soon as we left, Sebastian came down with a stomach flu. The next day Will got it. Maddie the day after that. Grandma and Grandpa had their hands full with sick kids, running to the doctor and the pharmacy and the grocery store. Then I came down with it on the flight home.

It was my worst. flight. ever.
Try flying alone with a 17 month old who is coming down with a double ear infection and then lose your lunch in the middle of the Eddie Murphy movie and pass out upon landing. Come to only to find that you've thrown up all over your clothes and a grizzled flight attendant is spongeing you with cold washcloths. Better yet, don't try it. Take my word for it. It was ugly.

Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa took care of me too and eventually everyone got better, even Grandma, who succumbed on Monday night.Posted by Picasa


Lois said...

Oh my goodness, that flight sounds terrible! That's even worse than when my sister went crazy and attacked another passenger for "stealing her air." (She now gets sedated before flying) I'm so sorry. Glad you're all feeling better now.

Kathryn said...

What fun trip. What a horrible flight. So glad you got to go again!

Heather said...

I swear I'd rather give birth than have a bad flight with kids. Once on a flight from SLC to Boston with Jonah in a Bjorn, I had some kind of food poisoning and actually crapped my pants mid flight. I just cried.