Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wasatch State Park

At the end of fall break we went to Wasatch State Park on Grandma's recommendation. It was another stupendously beautiful fall day.
We took a leisurely walk over to the Johannes Huber homestead. This man was a Swiss convert, the first Swiss mission president, translated the Book of Mormon into German, and wrote poetry in addition to farming and raising his children here. It looked idyllic.

Then we read about how they only had moldy grain one winter and decided it was tougher than he made it sound in the snippets from his journal.

We played in the orchard and in the stream. We picked some apples. We translated his words to a German hymn.

Some of us ran around and got good and muddy and had a ball.
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And we walked back, parents looking at the fall colors and kids picking "scouts' toilet paper" leaves which grew along the path. It's a plant that doesn't make me want to be a scout, unless the only other option is dried corn cobs, like the tough, rural Romanians used that Rob went to visit in 1992. Then I'd happily join the scouts.

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MOM said...

I'm glad you made it to Wasatch. Looks like the day was beautiful. I can't believe how tall Sebi is. He's not that far behind Will and he's 3+ years younger. Good food and exercise!