Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hiking the Y

[this post is not for arachnophobes] During fall break, Rob wanted to take the kids on a hike. He had wanted to take them on a long hike up dry canyon by his family home, but life intervened and he had to spend the morning schmoozing. So he scaled back and took them to hike the Y, which he had actually never done before. Maddie and Will brought friends, and at least their mothers sent water with them.

Rob says the kids were great and didn't complain at all. The boys passed the time imagining destruction at every turn. Rob bet the girls Geri-style bets. These were the kind of bets that he would make with his dear friend Gerilyn in high school. He lost every one, which is how he came to eat a weed, wear a half shirt and play basketball at DT, and sell popcorn car-to-car to the couples parked at Squaw Peak. He was easier on the girls and only made them hike one section with pebbles in their mouths. He had to jog another section when he lost. At least it wasn't in a half shirt.
They ran into this monstrous spider. That is Rob's toe in the picture for size. Anyone know what kind it is?
And they made it to the top! It took them about two hours each way. You feel like you're all that and a bag of chips when you look out over the entire valley and can see all of campus and try to find your house. They called me when they got there so I could go out and wave to the wee specks on the Y. It is the sort of accomplishment that will stick around for a while yet -- last night I gave Sebi a piggyback ride out to the street so that he could see it all lit up for homecoming. He was still impressed that he made it up here. So am I!
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MOM said...

Yeah, kids! That's a very impressive hike. Hiking up to the Y and slopping whitewash on it was one of Granpa and Grandma's first dates. Can you believe it, that long ago?
Love, Grandma

ashley said...

My kids were so intrigued with all the letters on the mountains as we drove through Utah. They will be very impressed that you have hiked to the Y!

Curtis said...

I saw that exact same spider when I hiked the Y last week! It's Harry Potter huge!

Next year, you will all have to join us for the Hike and Light the Y at Homecoming. A bunch of families join the students. Plus, if you're one of the first 135 up there, you get to screw in one of the light bulbs.

By the way, they want me to type in "preppy burgers" in order to post this. What the heck are those?

Lois said...

It's a wolf spider.

Looks like they all had a great time! Good idea!

Sorry we missed them on the Y.

Megan said...

What an enormous spider! I'll bet the boys were totally into it. Actually, Maddy probably wasn't even scared. Thank goodness they didn't bring it home!