Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cascade Springs

Blog posts are backing up at an alarming rate around here. I have been trying to finish our photo book from Vienna this summer, and the attempt has almost killed off my current computer. Now the book is sent off and I am still going to try and go in chronological order (or at least the way things happened in my brain). Several Saturdays ago (September 26th) we decided to play first and do our work after our fun was done. Maddie had a photography assignment to take a picture of something seasonal and we decided to drive up the Alpine Loop. We gave her the point-and-shoot camera and kept the good one for ourselves, but look what great shots she got! She had a hard time choosing what image to use.
We went to Cascade Springs and walked the loop there, which very nearly satisfied Will's need for a hike. Then everyone was starving because Mama didn't pack anything to eat and it was past Joss's naptime. We drove down the back side of the mountain into Heber and had lunch at Chick's Cafe. It was a brave thing to do with Joss past his prime, but the kids were thrilled with their burgers and plentiful sides and scones for dessert. And we did eventually do our chores.
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MOM said...

Beautiful fall pictures, Maddie. You're a great photographer! Which one did you choose for school?
Love, Grandma

Zina said...

Maddie's photos are amazing. She really has an eye.