Sunday, September 06, 2009

See Betsy Go!

See Betsy Swim! and Bike! and Run! Which is what we did last Saturday for her first triathlon.
The kids were so impressed that they want to do it next year. Ay ay ay! I'm not certain I'm ready to do that!
We are so proud of you, Betz! Way to go!
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Emma said...

YAY Betsy! I am so proud of her, what a inspiration to us all!!

Zina said...

Congrats to Betsy! And how fun that Maddie gets her for a teacher.

Lois said...

Yay Betsy!

And Mary Ann, love you sporting that new 'do!

Frau Magister said...

Go Betsy!

That woman's crazier than I knew!