Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Roger and Sandy McFarland Reunion

Happily, the week the kids started school, Rob's sister and family came down from Idaho. The whole clan went up to South Fork for a picnic on Saturday and we got to see everyone and catch up on some very busy summers. Family members have made a movie, been polishing up a crime novel, training for a triathlon and made a quick jaunt over to Australia for work. That's just the tip of the iceberg!
Joss has been pretty clingy through all of the traveling and changing hotels, cars, people, places and countries, but his aunt Betsy was more persistent than he was used to. He was won over quickly.
Meghan, Maddie, Kailey and Jessie. It is always so fun to see the kids get together. They blend seamlessly and play beautifully and it is often hard at a glance to tell who belongs to which family.
Rob and Rick and their Mini-me versions played in the water.

Eventually everyone else joined them.

We played until we were all played out. We can't wait until next time!
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Emma said...

Oh, this makes me miss our great family even more!

The picture of all of you in the water is so classic! That is exactly how I picture the McFarlands!

Zina said...

Nice to have a little update on the ever-busy McF clan. I did kind of know that Jessie's a young woman, but it's still sort of shocking to see the photographic evidence.