Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Natalie Portman, please

My hair has been like this for nearly 25 years. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes with layers cut by overeager hairstylists which I then have to grow out . . . but basically a blunt cut with no bangs.
It was time for a change.
So I went to see Kirby and asked for the Natalie Portman, circa Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Not the shaved head, nor the Queen Amidala. Of course it had to be a children's movie!
And this is what I got. Unfortunately these are Saturday morning pictures where I haven't styled it or even showered, but who cares? That is the best thing about the haircut. I don't care.
Rob said I looked like Simon Le Bon.
He said he felt like he was sleeping next to Rod Stewart.
This morning he said I looked like Ducky in Pretty in Pink.
I wet my hair down and Maddie said I looked like Draco Malfoy.
Sebi said that I have even more monkey-chicken hair than he does in the mornings.
I note that there seem to be masculine/80's themes to most of the comments here.
And I just don't care. I love it short!
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ML said...

Nice hair MA! and all the comments from your family shows that they notice and they care, and they also have a sense of humor.

MOM said...

We love it, too. Think you look great!

Emma said...


Zina said...

Very brave! And you didn't even consult the internet about it first. It looks great!

I was watching an episode of Mystery's Inspector Lewis on PBS tonight and I decided the actress Cheryl Campbell resembles you. She also had a role in Chariots of Fire so she's a lot older than you; it's just that her facial expressions and features remind me of yours. (I had a hard time finding an image that I thought showed the resemblance, but here are a couple.)

Zina said...

Those links don't show up too well on your blog--there are links from the words "consult the internet" as well as "here are a couple."

Lois said...

Love the new 'do.

Frau Magister said...

Four thumbs up from the Reeds.

Jennette said...

Looks great. And, it would take a lot more than a short, short hair cut to make that face look bad--you've got Natalie Portman beat in the looks department for sure!

ashley said...

Very cute style on you MA. I am loving my hair short, too. After years of pony tails and wondering what to do with the frizzy halo courtesy of postnatal hair loss (and ponytails), it is nice to look in the mirror and have it look good.

As for the comments...I remember Rob saying I looked like Pat Benatar the first time I cut it short! It just takes awhile for family to adjust to a new hairstyle. I love it!