Sunday, September 06, 2009

Just Dive In

While we were in our holding pattern over Rhode Island, I made a grocery list. From experience I know that I'll be up before the rest of Provo and need to go fill up the fridge before the family wakes up and wants whatever mealtime they think it happens to be.
That done, we made appointments with Gwen to cut four McFarlands' hair. Gwen is the only person we've found with the expertise for the peculiarities of the gigantical McFarland cranium. Having booked her for most of the afternoon, we were ready to take our morning naps. That was Friday.
We went to the farmers' market on Saturday, and it is fun to see how vibrant and thriving that scene is now in Provo. A great place to go buy produce and run into friends.
On Sunday both Rob and I forgot what time our ward meets. So we got everyone there just in time for the last hour: Sacrament Meeting. Oops!
Monday and Tuesday nights we went to Back to School night and saw classrooms and met teachers. We did not have beautiful back to school feasts with themes and menus like this or this. We managed back to school blessings and went to bed at about 7:30pm, calling it good.
On Wednesday, Maddie and Will went back to school! Will has a fantastic fourth grade teacher, and Maddie has her aunt Betsy ("Now I have to get used to calling her Miss Mac!") in sixth grade across the street from BYU, also fantastic. [Notice Will's Weird Al shirt. I ordered this for him while in Vienna, thinking each kid should have something new for the first week of school. Apparently I did too well and we've had to limit the wearings to once a week.]
A week later and Sebastian started kindergarten! He goes in the afternoon and he is just the right blend of laid-back and cautious. He doesn't really know anyone in his class, but he's cool with it right now, and he still is most concerned with snack and recess.
Which leaves me and Senor del Fluff every afternoon. I'm finding that he has strong opinions on how the house is kept. Essentially, if I'm doing it, he wants to be doing it instead.
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Zina said...

I've almost given up on trying to get Ike to vary his shirt wear--pretty much he's allowed to wear something until it stinks or has food stains on it. And Rose wore the same shirt for four out of five days of KG this week. (Sigh.)

Brenda said...

Who doesn't love Weird Al? Amish Paradise, Fat (More chins than China Town), Livin' with a Hernia - need I go on?