Monday, August 24, 2009

Train Travel

From Dorfgastein, we packed up our luggage and allowed thirty minutes to get all of us across town and to the train station in time. The kids are such seasoned pros that it took ten minutes! We weren't just being paranoid about the time: the train stops at Dorfgastein for exactly sixty seconds. I noted that the minute the train pulled in, a conductor jumped out of the door to help us up and get our kids and suitcases on (not that we needed him!). Once on the train, it was a nice ride home, since we had a compartment to ourselves. Soon we put the kids' seats down and they passed the time dancing and playing cars and watching Emperor's New School on the computer. It is a very civilized way to travel.
Once back in Vienna we had almost 18 hours to get ready for the flight home. It seemed like enough time when we were making the travel plans!
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This is for those who want to see what traveling with us is really like.


Zina said...

The train ride looks positively idyllic. The line about "seemed like enough time" made my blood pressure go up sympathetically, though.

dana said...
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Brenda said...

Wow, you are still doing amazing stuff with 4 kids now! I love your new short 'do, it's darling on you. It was great to see you, Megan and I walk by your house sometimes and think of you and your family.