Sunday, August 09, 2009

St Wolfgangsee

[click to enlarge] On Thursday we left Hallstadt and headed for Salzburg, making a stop here first in St Wolfgang on the Wolfgangsee. It is probably only half an hour or so from Hallstadt, but the lake here has a completely different look and feel to it. There were bathers all the way around it, boats pulling innertubes and crazy tourists everywhere in town. If the Loch Ness monster lived in Austria, she'd be in the lake at Hallstadt.
The students had a tour of the church above my shoulder so that they could see the famous Paschar Altar, but there was no altar that was going to please our kids. So we took the kids on another half hour boat ride. It was out of desperation. It was hot, we were all tired and we needed something to do to keep us from beating up on each other. The boat helped a lot.

Each of the kids got to practice their driving skills again. Sebi likes to turn in circles.

Joss wasn't content to just sit. He wanted to feel the lake on his fingers.

And of course there were no life jackets. I simply held onto a limb and let him have at it. Just one more time we've been crazy irresponsible with our children while we're here.

Once we brought in the boat, we ate some pizza for lunch and I bought Lebkuchen from the store in the collage on top. Their Nussschnitte helped me through the next leg of the trip on the bus to Salzburg. That was also the point where Sebi looked across the aisle and said "Mom, I'm getting treesick. There are too many trees." In my experience, the symptoms of treesickness are far preferable to those of carsickness.
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Zina said...

I have to admit the first thing I noticed was the lack of life jackets--or anyway the second thing, after the beautiful scenery. But that's just because I was projecting--even with life jackets, having my little ones out on a lake always makes me a little nervous (even though I also love it.)

mary ann said...

I hear you! I absolutely loved taking the oldest three out on a lack in Bavaria, but after I had to drop Rob off at the dock, I realized that if the boat went down I would have three kids hanging onto me. After that brilliant realization we paddled around closer to shore!